Self-Help Techniques For Stress Management (For Moms)

Don’t you think that stress eats away all the well-being and wholesomeness?


Sometimes we have good reason to worry; other times we don’t. That is, avoidable stress and a genuine stressful situation. 

Either way, this post can help every busy mom get self-help techniques for stress management in flat simple ways.

I’ve cut down the whole story in three broad categories:

A Super Simple Morning Ritual For A Happy, Productive Day

Things You Need To Do On Sunday For A Stress-Free Week

In the end,

3 Simple Steps To Manifest The Life You Want

Are you ready to go?

Note everything that you find plain-sailing for you to practice.

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A Super Simple Morning Ritual For A Happy, Productive Day


My morning ritual is the most essential part of my day. 

It’s an incredibly powerful tool to help me bust through the challenges that sometimes get thrown my way.

And minimize my stress. 

I start my day by practicing anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour reading, journaling, and sipping tea before I make breakfast.

This is my sacred time. A stress relief time.

It’s how I harness my “superpowers” in the crazy world we live in. A world that is full of tensions and worries. 

Below, I’ve outlined three practices I recommend if you’re interested in starting your day like me. Take a start in a more mindful way to spill out stress and anxiety.

Find one of these rituals that resonates with you and stick to it for 40 days to fully build it in your mind, body and soul.

After 40 days, you may want to continue with it or you can also experiment with a different form of meditation. 

Or perhaps add another practice on to your initial ritual. 

Start by designating a special place in your bedroom or living space as your “sacred spot”. Put a pretty pillow there, maybe some flowers, and find a place to feel comfortable.

Then, try one of these practices:

1. Visualize your best day:

Take some time to create a clear vision for your best day. This can be done by sitting up in bed after your alarm clock goes off, in the shower, sitting in your favorite chair with a cup of tea, or sitting in your sacred spot. 

Close your eyes; start long, deep breaths; and once you feel calm and centered, start visualizing the best version of your day.

How do you feel after breakfast and getting dressed as you’re walking out of the house? 

How does your day at work go?

What do the different interactions feel like? 

How does that meeting go? 

What does it feel like to send that email or complete that project? 

Get clear on each part of your day until you tuck yourself into bed at night and hold the space for the highest vision of your day.


2. Try a let-go meditation for release and surrender:

Are you someone who wakes up and instantly has a rush of anxiety as your entire to-do list floats to the forefront of your mind? 

Then this practice is for you! 

This simple meditation allows us to surrender our negative thoughts and feelings and release to a deeper place of peacefulness.

Here is a link to show you how meditation helps you to relieve your mind:

The Benefits of Meditation for Stress Management – Verywell …

Simply repeat “LET” in your mind as you take each inhale and repeat “GO” on each exhale. 

With every repetition, breathe deeper and release further; keep your eyes closed, palms up to the sky, placed on your knees; and either sitting in an easy cross-legged pose or in a chair with your legs uncrossed. 

This is a great meditation that you can take with you anywhere, from the subway to your office to your in-laws’ house and in any stressful situation. 


3. Connect with your inner light:

Connecting to the source, remembering who you are, tapping into your true potential — whatever you call it — can expand your life exponentially when you start taking the time in the morning to connect to your limitlessness. 

For this process, I suggest selecting a powerful “theme song.” 

It can be anything you want as long as it’s a song that makes you glow from the inside out and awakens you to your greatness. 

My personal song is India Arie’s “I Am Light.” It’s a soft, soulful song that makes me feel like a giant fireworks display.

Pick yours and play it while sitting in your new sacred spot, eyes closed, palms up, legs crossed. 

Imagine a giant ball of light at your heart’s center; watch it grow with each breath until the golden light expands throughout your entire being. 

Let the light pour out each and every cell and surround you in a giant cloud of golden light. When your song comes to a close, take a deep breath in and hold it, soaking in all the light inside and around you. 

After a ten count exhale and slowly bring yourself back into the room. You can also use this song throughout the day as a positive trigger to take you back to that place inside of you.

If after 40 days, one practice isn’t resonating with you, move on to the next!

I promise that when you connect with a mindful way to start your day, you’ll experience happier, more productive days.


Things You Need To Do On Sunday For A Stress-Free Week

Sunday is here. 

The shortest day of the week. 

Write down everything.

Sit for a while and write down every single thing that’s on your mind.

Every Sunday night, I try to take 15 minutes to compose myself for the week ahead.

I lock myself in a room alone with a notebook and I write Stress at the top of the page. 

Starting with that, instead of to-dos, is key, because it allows me to take the mess of stress and worries that are swirling around in my head and set it down on the page, where I can look at it objectively.

I write down every single thing that’s on my mind.

I don’t censor myself, 

Nor I prioritize, 

I don’t judge myself for being obsessed about insignificant things when there are so many big things to worry about. 

If it’s on my mind, it’s fair game. 

For instance:

I will never catch up on email.

I’ll never finish my second novel.

My four-year-old daughter doesn’t seem to like me sometimes.

I’ve gained a few more pounds and my favorite dress is feeling snug.

Imagine how you’d like things to look a week from now.

On another page in my notebook, I write Happiness at the top and a date — usually a week from now. 

What do I want my life to look like then?

Would I like my dress to fit? 

Do I want to have reduced the urgent emails in my inbox from 200 to 50?

Should I have to be more patient with my daughter? 

Do I want to have gotten a chapter of my second novel done?

Make a list of actions:

I take out the third page. 

And I write Action at the top. 

I am very strict with myself about writing down only concrete actions I truly believe I can take in the next seven days and only those that are completely within my control.

For instance, I don’t write Lose three pounds.

I write, “Post the low-carb food list on my bulletin board to remind me to reduce my carbs this week and limit sugary items to Friday and Saturday nights.”

I don’t opt to “Get my little daughter to stop rolling her eyes at me.”

And prefer to, “Read a book to handle a toddler in a very patient way.”

Also, don’t write “Finish a chapter of my novel.”

Instead, I write, “Block out two hours each day this week to work on a second novel. Write blocked-out hours on the family calendar and consider them sacred.”

These are my stressors. Though they don’t seem to be, sometimes a bulk of small things sum up to be great stress. 

And that’s the way I deal with my stress to make a whole week stress-free. 

What do I do? Simply file my stress on a Sunday night.

I pin the sheet with Action” written at the top of the bulletin board in my home office and put the other two sheets in a drawer. I don’t need to worry now about how to keep us all happy: All I need to do is Act.


3 Simple Steps To Manifest The Stress-Free Life


You are not the only one who is facing a stressful situation in life. Everyone has his own stress levels to cope with.

Here’s the key: 

Only when you can remove the emotional obstacles blocking your path can the spiritual and terrestrial success align within you.

Here is a link to show you how stress puts an adverse effect on your body:

The Effects of Stress on Your Body – WebMD

In my experience, I’ve come up with a useful method to help searchers move forward in their journeys. 

I call it the three “I’s.”

1. Invoke:

Invoke your doubts and questions.

Don’t bury your questions. 

Don’t sit on your doubts. 

The greatest belief sometimes rises from doubts. There are no right answers in the mind science but every question is the right one.

Question your teachers, society, religion, government, and most importantly, yourself. 

When you invoke these questions, you take the first step toward breaking your conditioning. 

Every question doesn’t need to have a perfect answer — acknowledgment is enough to start making progress.

2. Invite:

Invite your anger, ego, desire, greed, and attachments.

We are often told that anger, ego, desire, and greed aren’t good. We are told to avoid these elements. But if you try to get rid of them, you’re running away from your humanity. 

These elements are a part of all of us. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t feel anger or desire.

By treating these elements like enemies, they become stress-creators — sinful and undesired parts of your existence. 

When you shift your perception, you develop a deeper understanding of your reality. You are no longer bound by society’s definitions.

I want you to invite your deepest wounds and scars to come into the open, so you can face them. 

These confrontations are the bridge to the other side of power. Many people try to take shortcuts and jump straight to the destination. 

But it doesn’t work that way.

3. Involve:

Involve meditation in all you do!

The two I’s above are useless if you don’t incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your actions. 

Meditation paired with action can transform your life. Don’t restrict meditation to certain areas of your life.

Meditation is not a separate part of your lifestyle. It is the foundation of your lifestyle. It is a great reduction of chronic stress.

In addition to a dedicated meditation in the morning or at night, encourage a mindful state in yourself all the time. This will kill the way you feel stress.

Taste every bite of food, feel every drop of water while you shower, and when you hug, sense your complete being merged with another. 

Be present and involved wherever you are.

Last Word:

Everyone experiences stress in life. Being a mom you too have stressors around you. How you deal with the stressors is what is important. 

It’s not stress, but the reaction that kills us.

Recognize the pinpoint of stress, realize how you respond to it. Do it on a daily and weekly basis. 

Give your stress feathers and let the stress fly away.

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